Happy Blogging Bloggers!

What blogs would you choose to show your students a model blog?

What constitutes a “good” blog?

  • Should be clear
  • Should be concise
  • Should include a wide range of interactive resources; pictures, videos etc.
  • Should be updated regularly
  • Should have a blogging community to share ideas with
  • etc

I have chosen;

1. The Avery Bunch     http://mravery.edublogs.org/

This blog was created by a year 6 teacher in the United States. I was immediately drawn to this blog because of its simple and clear layout and navigation. The blog contains information for the 6th grade students as well as resources for the teacher (Mr. Avery) in regards to his own teaching and learning development.  There is a wide range of post types; ‘making maths fun’, daily news, the teaching and learning cycle and school happenings. What is also really great about this blog is that it attracts a lot of other bloggers who seem very comfortable to comment and try out Mr. Avery’s ideas at home or even in their own schools.  The blog is supported by a range of videos and photos to show fellow bloggers what the 6th graders have been up to during the week as well.  Furthermore the blog offers guidelines to the 6th grade bloggers, reminding them of blog etiquette such as addressing their teacher as  “Dear Mr. Avery”, to  ensure that their blog really represents the 6th grade class appropriately.  Mr. Avery reminds his students how important it is to not disclose their personal details on the blog, and to only blog about relevant topics.


2. 3/4c @ the Junction    http://tjps34c.edublogs.org/

Similarly, this year 3/4 blog fits the same criteria. This blog is cheerfully bright and colourful with a vast array of videos and photos of what the year 3/4s have been up to. The headings are concise and give a direct explanation of what has been happening during the week.  What I found very useful was the use of videos on the class’ blog to show what they had been up to in drama.  Similar to the “guidelines” mentioned in the previous blog, this year 3/4 class discusses the values their school models themselves on, and has shown how they have incorporated those values in their learning experiences. The blog has a huge variety of tags as well, which makes it a lot easier to organize their blog topics. Tags are key, and something that I definitely need reminding of. Another positive feature about this blog is the student involvement; the blog includes videos created by the students who provide information about their blog and about how the school year is going. Involvement of teachers, students and other students around the world is key in the blogging world. This blog also provides us with links to other year groups’ blogs, which in turn really works on building the blogging community even more.











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